Japan Stories

After every trip to japan, I always question every detail of all the mundane things we do in our daily lives.
Things that have been instilled in us, since we were children, that we never really bothered to question.

Take the toilet, a boring necessity, in japan a shrine of technology.
Where bells and whistles play music and well placed jets, when once used, are common amenities you wish you had in your own home
It’s like opening your eyes and taste buds for the first time, you experience everything again, reestablishing your new normal.
It pushes you to want to be a better person. More polite, more Culturally anesthetic.
Nicer to strangers, and it makes you want to actually want to stop j-walking.

Where its OK to stand around naked in a bath and converse with strangers.

Where; Instead of pointing you in the right direction a person you ask in the street, will actually walk you to your destination.

Where Men can wear cat ears while interacting with grown women dressed in maid costumes.
Well its real and it’s not far away.
Just be ready to wake up the next day in your bed, and Experience Everything Japan as to Offer.

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